These eyebrow palettes are perfect to add a little something special to your look.

From everyday looks to special occasions and fancy dress, you will never know when youre going to need one, so why not get one just in case. Have a play around and fall in love with something different.


  • These come with 4 different colours of soft paste, perfect to out line and colour in the eyebrow. 

    These are made from mineral oil, natural powders and cocoa butter paste.


    The middle pans consits of different colour powders to go with the paste, i would use these ontop of the paste all over to create a finished look.

    These are made with the same ingredients as the eyshadows. (Mineral oil and pressed natural powder)


    Lastly but not least important, the top row contain tinted highligh to colour match with your chosen eyebrow colour. Made with the same ingredients as the eyeshadow.